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Sustainable Value Creation in Global Organisations


This course focuses on how firms develop sustainable value creation in global organizations. We address how global organizations develop a flexibility to address multiple and shifting external competitive pressures and sustainability challenges. Participants will explore topics such as how to develop long-term, strategic scenarios, tapping into internal and external knowledge, the influence of people and culture in global organizations, as well as new and expanded types of accounting.

The sessions in this global specialization course are taught by faculty members at BI Norwegian Business School with extensive global experience and top tier research publications within the field. The course will also include guest lectures.


Course content

This course focuses on how firms can create sustainable value through their geographically dispersed organizations. The sessions are interactive, blending cutting-edge research with practical examples. We challenge the boundary conditions of extant knowledge, bring in future trends, and compare and contrast traditional firms with new actors in the dynamic competitive landscape with changing requirements and expectations for sustainable solutions.

Key topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Long-term strategic scenarios
  • Developing flexibility in global organizations
  • Global resource orchestration to support sustainable value creation
  • Human creativity and innovation to support a sustainable transformation
  • Tapping into internal and external knowledge
  • Tools for assessing social and environmental impacts
  • New approaches to accounting
  • The influence of culture and people
  • The three capitals approach



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