Excerpt from course description

Tax and Charge Law


The course shall give the students an adequate understanding of taxation so that they can identify important issues particularly in corporate taxation and in reorganizations. A brief summary is given of the tax liability to Norway, international tax law and the role of tax treaties. The students shall learn to find the main sources of law, keep track of amendments and be able to apply important methods.

This course overlaps with JUR 3601 Tax and Charge (15 ECTS) which is part of the certified accountant program. The students taking this program may not choose this course as an elective.

Course content

The subject involves the main rules and methods for taxation of income from self-employment (regular company assessment), companies, corporations and partners. Personal taxation and capital tax will be discussed briefly. A few tax issues relating to conversions and restructuring will also be covered.

  1. Terms, sources of law and statutory interpretation
  2. Taxation system and tax assessment management
  3. Tax liability to Norway, residence, immigration and emigration
  4. Company taxation (business activity), depreciations and provisions for taxes
  5. The enterprise model for sole proprietorships
  6. Taxation of limited companies, corporations and shareholders
  7. Taxation of participants in general partnerships, etc.
  8. Taxable property
  9. International tax law (review)
  10. Tax-exempt and taxable reorganizations
  11. Value-added tax, basic principles and main rules


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