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The Gas & Power Business


This course is part of the Executive Master of Management in Energy in cooperation with BI Norwegian Business School and IFP School.

The gas and electricity sector has gone through major changes since the 1990s. These changes include deregulations of several parts of the utility industries and their evolving internationalization. Besides, climate changes issues have put a considerable public attention on these sectors.

Course content

Natural Gas Economics and Markets

  • Natural gas chain fundamentals: production, processing, liquefaction, storage, transportation and distribution.
  • Natural gas market structure: Gas monopolies in emerging markets and liberalization in mature markets, LNG.
  • Emergence of spot markets, price risk, and futures markets.
  • Natural gas marketing: netback pricing and upstream natural gas contracts (take-or-pay).

Electricity Techno-Economics

  • Power generation plants: fuel, gas, nuclear and renewable and electricity transmission
  • Total cost of electricity generation for different technologies
  • Network, supply/demand equilibrium, transmission and distribution
  • Market and institutions : liberalization, market structure, regulation and deregulation

Coal Industry and Markets

  • Coal industry fundamentals: coal mines, production and transportation
  • Coal supply and demand: reserves/resources, major players and uncertainties
  • Coal markets: market's structure, products, price formation, international trades, growing trends and challenges

Interdisciplinary topics

  • Nuclear industry: technologies, innovations, players and perspectives
  • Gas and power players: strategic perspective over major utilities
  • Gas and power trading: spreads, products, interconnections and risks


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