Excerpt from course description

The Music Industry


The music industry is constantly being formed in a delicate balance between long-term and rapid change, between intellectual property and technology, between idealism and business, between culture and industry. There are both smaller and larger participants in the industry, which has great challenges and brings a need for change and development. The course will provide an overview of the industry’s characteristics and structure from a variety of perspectives and approaches like economics, aesthetics, organization and technology. The course is mainly about popular music.

Course content

  • Historical, technological and aesthetic perspectives (Norwegian, British and American music industry)
  • Industry structure, characteristics and organizations
  • Value chains, the various participants
  • Production of popular music: the producer, author/composer, performer, support functions
  • Distribution, sale and consumption of popular music: physical and digital distribution channels, marketing strategies, consumer behaviour
  • The record industry and the different business structures
  • The live market
  • Management
  • Framework related to the economy and cultural policy
  • The media's role in the music industry


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