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Understanding the Consumer

Course content

The design of the course is meant to encourage discussion of the issues, theories and methods that are used and tested in the study of consumer behavior. While topics for this course can change from year to year depending on the research currently being done in the marketing department and other factors, some examples of past topics include the discussion of:

  • Branding - alternative means of measuring the impact of brand knowledge on behavior
  • Culture - how do cultures differ in terms of reactions to humor, materialism, pressure to conform?
  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty - alternative definitions and measures, do loyalty programmes work?
  • Internet - impact of Internet as a source of product information, Electronic Word of Mouth, as a sales channel, and a marketing research tool
  • Risk - objective versus subjective risk and its impact on behavior
  • Sources of Deviant Consumption Behavior - can we get people to stop smoking, taking drugs, etc?
  • Sponsorship Effects Measurement - how do firms know they are getting what they paid for?
  • Market Orientation - how do you get an entire organization to focus on customers and competition?
  • Cause Related Marketing - marketing good things for society while promoting your own firm


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