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Value Added Analytics


This course is designed around 4 main topics. Firstly the financial evaluatrion of a business analytics project, using the business case framework. Then the students are exposed to the analytics canvas. This is a storyboard for outlining an analytics project. Several canvases exist, and the students will learn specifically how SAS Institute use their propriterary canvas.

Thereafter the course covers the topic of analytics maturity. This is the mapping of how mature companies are in their analytics endeavour. Even the native analytics companies like Google and Amazon do not score maximum on this scale. The maturity index is presented by International Institute of Analytics and Sas Institute. Finally we look at a concept called analytics life cycle, a useful tool for analytics projects.

All these topics aim at focusing on the value in an analytics project.

This course will start in the first semester, and the different concepts will be explored in parallell during the programme.

Course content

  • Analytics Lifecycle
  • Learning the structure of a business case
  • Developing a Business Case for analytics projects
  • What is meant by the term value
  • Sequential model for value based decision making
  • Analytics canvas
  • Lifecycle model
  • Analytics maturity
  • Implementation issues of business analytics
  • Evaluation of analytics projects for future learning


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