Excerpt from course description

Value-creating Advisor


The course focuses on competitive drivers for professional service providers, what it takes to create financial results, both for the customer and their own business. By studying what the adviser role and value creation entail - the student will be able to develop understanding of the commercial part of the future role as an advisor. An important part of the adviser role is the understanding of sustainability and value creation, and as the Marketing Act is an important premise for safeguarding. 

The aim of the course is that it should be practically applicable, and thus requires an active participation from the student. The course is based on previous subjects and will give the student increased business understanding. The value of the service, the person's role and ability to communicate will be three central themes.

Course content

  • Value creation through professional services
  • The strategic importance of the business conversation
  • Digital business systems that support the consultant
  • Business processes that have an impact on the company's results
  • Market opportunities and changes
  • The consultant's way to contracts
  • Relationships and networks
  • Self-management and self-development
  • Marketing Act


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