Exchange programme

Bachelor Course List Autumn

The following courses are available for Bachelor exchange students at BI in the Autumn semester 2018. The list is updated as of 15 June 2018.

  • The course list below is subject to minor changes.
  • All Bachelor-level courses (except BST 2412 International Business) constitute 7.5 ECTS credits. A full semester workload is 30 ECTS credits.
  • Consult the course descriptions for detailed information about each course.
Course Code Course Name
BST 2412 International Business (note: 15 ECTS)
ELE 3701 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
ELE 3702 Social Entrepreneurship
ELE 3705 Reputation and Corporate Communication
ELE 3706  Persuasion and Dialogue for Leaders
ELE 3709  Project Management 
ELE 3715  Logistics and Marketing Channels 
ELE 3716 Organization and Change
ELE 3718 Media Management and Economics
ELE 3732  Financial bubbles, crashes and crises
ELE 3736  Real Estate Finance 
ELE 3744  Business Dynamics 
ELE 3746 ​Tactical Marketing 
​ELE 3750  ​Financial Analysis and Valuation 
ELE 3767  Consumer Behaviour 
​ELE 3775  ​Product and Price Strategy 
EXC 2110  Basic Financial Management 
EXC 2901  ​Norwegian Culture and History - an Introduction 
EXC 3410  The Firm - Introduction Course 
EXC 3415  Marketing Management 
EXC 3442  Managerial Accounting 
​EXC 3505  ​Strategy 
EXC 3506  ​Research Methods and Econometrics
EXC 3520  Microeconomics 
EXC 3603  International Economics 
EXC 3611  International Finance 
​EXC 3612  ​Investment Analysis
​EXC 3630  ​Managing International Operations 
​​EXC 3631  ​International Business Environment 
EXC 3650  Supply Chain Management 
EXC 3670  Financial Markets and Institutions 
​EXC 3671  ​Corporate Finance 
​EXC 3672  ​Analyses of Financial Data 
MRK 3534 Economic Anthropology
​NSA 2510  Marine Insurance 
NSA 2511  International Maritime Law
NSA 2512  Organising the Shipowning Entity
NSA 2521 Shipping Management 
SPÅ 2901 Business Communication - Culture and Ethics 
SPÅ 2902 Business Communication - Negotiations and Presentations 
EXC 2910 Mathematics (two semesters)