Crisis management summer course hosted by MIA researchers

The students from this year’s summer school learn about crisis management under covid-19, based on lessons from the MIA project.

BI recently kicked off the annual summer school programme. Under the special circumstances of the coronavirus affecting worldwide mobility, this year’s summer school was like no other. This year, 70 students from BI was enrolled to a special course on crisis management, with a special emphasis on covid-19.  

Drawing on literature and research from the MIA project and the COVID taskforce, students were introduced to supply chain risk management, leadership approaches and communication strategies that help organizations cope during the extraordinary situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The aim of the course was to provide students with tools, knowledge and understanding that enable them to work with developing and implementing sustainable disaster preparedness and response in various contexts. The course is also an output of the MIA project. 

University studies are also impacted by the adverse effects of the covid-19 pandemic and students are looking for flexibility in their course scheduling, which this year’s digital offering accounts for. Students are enthusiastic and drawn to the short intense course format, at a time of the year when most can dedicate their full attention to the courses.
The cross-disciplinary course put together learning resources from three different faculties, led by Prof. Marianne Jahre (Supply Chain Management), Arne Carlsen (Leadership) and Gillian Werner-Søderholm (Communication).