MIA´s Master's theses

MIA´s master´s theses at BI Norwegian Business School

Ongoing MSc theses

  • Ngoc, Azura: Reshoring of API manufacturing: drivers & barriers
  • Molenaar, David: Relationship between prices, tendering, and shortages
  • Hiort, Rune: Relationship between prices and shortages (for NL, Germany, …)
  • Moolenaar, Davd: Optimizing Iron stock policy analysis
  • Master thesis Lund University on the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain in India

    The COVID-19 pandemic has subjected many countries to economic and political turmoil which has mandated the world countries to eradicate the disease immediately. This needs an effective immunization supply chain which helps in timely delivery and administration of vaccines to a country’s population.

  • MIA Master's theses at BI Norwegian Business School

    This spring, two master's theses have been written in connection with the MIA project at BI Norwegian Business School. Andreas Farstad Moe and Harald Wright have investigated how the Norwegian healthcare sector can improve its availability of antibiotics, while Hanne Bastholm and Shan Trau have examined how Norway can build a more resilient personal protective equipment (PPE) supply chain.