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Seminar on medicine shortage in Europe and the US - causes and solutions

On April 27th, stakeholders from the UK, Netherlands, and Norway along with researchers from France, UK, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden gathered for a seminar on medicine shortage in Europe and the US to address their causes and solutions.

From the US perspective, Professor Ozlem Ergun presented their very recently published report on “Building Resilience into the Nation´s Product Supply Chains”.

Following with the European perspective, Christine Årdal from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health presented the new EU-report “Future-proofing pharmaceutical legislation – Study on Medicine Shortages”.

Building on the two reports, we divided into breakout rooms to discuss the following question: Policymakers have traditionally focused on clinical risks (i.e. the risks of illness and death) related to shortages, that is the risk for patients when shortages occur. However, how are supply chain risks (i.e. the risk/probability of risks occurring) accounted for?