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Nordic Centre for Internet and Society

Bringing together a wide range of disciplines, various methodologies, and diverse viewpoints, we seek to analyse and understand the growing influence of digital technologies on working life and society.

With the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society, we hope to serve as a discussion platform for the impact of the Internet and related digital technologies on people in the context of work and work-like settings. We search for ways to serve the public interest and allow both policymakers and company executives to foster a sustainable digital economy, preparing the next generations for the workplace of the future.

We strive to combine rigorous and applicable empirical research with conceptual and theoretical approaches that are at the forefront of current academic discussions. We engage in theory building, theory testing, and applying these theories to current developments. We utilize a range of theoretical perspectives and are characterized by methodological and conceptual pluralism. 

As a think-and-do-centre, we aim to bring together leading schoalrs and practitioners from Norway, Scandanavia, and the rest of the world to explore the re-invention of work and organizations in a digital, networked, and media-rick environment. At the same time, it is our ambition to be part of a global community of researchers who study the manifold implications that the internet and digital communication technologies have on the way we work, interact, and lead our daily lives. 

We aim to create a tight loop between rigirous research, teaching, and practical engagement, helping us to inform, test, and share our ideas while allowing us to reach entreprneurs and policy makers, innovators, technologists, and users. 


Christian Fieseler

Department of Communication and Culture Department of Communication and Culture


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