Research Centre

Nordic Centre for Internet and Society

Bringing together a wide range of disciplines, various methodologies, and diverse viewpoints, we seek to analyse and understand the growing influence of digital technologies on working life and society.


  • Participation, Privacy, and Power in the Sharing Economy

    This is a one-year research project funded by the European commission under the HORIZON 2020 Framework Programme concerned with questions of participation, privacy and power in the sharing economy.


    Our overarching objective is to identify key challenges of new ICTs and improve Europe’s digital services through providing recommendations to Europe’s institutions. These will include schools and companies, as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations.


    We aim to foster better awareness of the consequences which technologies, networks, and new digital media have on the way people behave, think, interact, and socialise across Europe.


    A consortium of international researchers from Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, and Switzerland conducts this Ps2Share project.


    For further information, please visit our dedicated project webpage

  • Fair Labor in the Digitized Economy

    For further information, please visit our dedicated project webpage