Anyone who has Skype installed on their computer can make phone- and video calls to other users, absolutely free.

Anyone who has Skype installed on their computer can make phone- and video calls to other users, absolutely free.

As long as you have Internet access, you can use the service regardless of time and location. It is also possible to call mobile and fixed phones in Norway and abroad via Skype. However, this is not free.

Skype can be used to collaborate with colleagues or other contacts. Up to 25 people can be added to a conversation.

Application: guidance, video conversation.

Equipment needed: To use Skype you need a microphone, a speaker and a video camera (if you wish to make video calls). Most of BI computers have the necessary equipment. Equipment can also be borrowed at the IT helpdesk.

Skype is not automatically installed on your BI computer. The installation must be done manually (see instructions below).

Navigate to Skype's website and click "Download Skype".

Download Skype
Select the device you want to install Skype on (in this case a computer), download the software and follow the installation.

Install Skype on your computer

During installation, the software will guide you through the steps necessary to ensure that the camera and microphone (connected or built-in) work correctly.

Creating a Skype account
You can create a Skype account before or after you have installed Skype. It's free to create an account and you can even use your Microsoft or Facebook account if you wish.

How to add contact and start a conversation
Start up the program and log in. Use the search box and enter the Skype username of the person you wish to contact (it is also possible to use the name, but note that there may be several people with the same name). Then you can choose to add the user to your contact list (this is a good idea if you need to contact the person several times), or contact the person by pressing the phone or video camera symbols. It is possible to change between normal conversation and video call after you have contacted them.

End the call by pressing the red phone icon.

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