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New Reports from the EU H2020 Project Artsformation

October 28th, 2020. Author: Victor Renza

BI’s Nordic Centre for Internet and Society in collaboration with the consortium partners of the H2020 project Artsformation published the first reports on the role of the arts in the digital transformation, enterprises and society. These reports are part of a series of works that reviews the scholarly and practical state of the arts and establish the beginning of the project’s research work laying the foundations for the upcoming activities of Artsformation.

The first report called The Role of the Arts in the Digital Transformation co-authored by researchers from BI’s NCIS and Copenhagen Business School focuses on the transformative and pharmacological potential of the arts to face the digital transformation challenges. The second report of the Artsformation Report Series denominated The Role of Art in Enterprise is a joint work from researchers of the Trinity College Dublin, the Copenhagen Business School and BI’s NCIS. This report explores how enterprises and artists have engaged with each other providing historical and contemporary examples setting a base to further research on the potential of the artist industry in engaging with the digital transformation.

The last report of the series named The Social and Civic Impact of the Arts is a joint product of researchers from the Copenhagen Business School, BI’s NCIS, Trinity College Dublin and LATRA. This report is interested in the “social turn of the arts” and focuses on the so-called socially engaged arts and their potential to empower people who are not benefiting from the digital transformation. Likewise, this report presents some of the methods employed by socially engaged artists to bring about social change by giving voice to communities or acting as social entrepreneurs.