Master of Science

Dean's list

The Master of Science Dean’s List recognises academic excellence at BI Norwegian Business School.

Applauding academic excellence and celebrating student success is important.

The Dean’s List recognises MSc students who achieve high academic standing in the Autumn and Spring semesters. In order to be eligible for the Dean’s List students must achieve a semester GPA of A while maintaining a full course load following the normal course of study. Students admitted to the MSc programme for the 2017-2018 academic year were the first cohort eligible. Detailed information about eligibility criteria can be found on the student portal for enrolled students.

The Dean's List is run February 1 to recognise academic achievement for the Autumn semester and August 1 for the Spring semester.

BI published its first Dean’s List for the MSc programme in Spring 2018 to mark the 75th anniversary of the business school. BI is the only business school in Norway to have a Dean’s List programme.

"Publishing a Dean’s List allows us to celebrate and reward student success. Making the Dean’s List is an academic honour which distinguishes our top students in the eyes of employers."

Janicke Rasmussen, PhD

Dean Master