Webinar on Creating value with customer and market analytics

Are you wondering how you can better use the data from your customers and business to improve firm performance?

  • Starts:15:00, 31 August 2020
  • Ends:15:30, 31 August 2020
  • Location:Online

Do you feel you need to catch up with how to use analytics to better understand customers, social media data, competition or sales changes, but you fear that your days of statistics and computer science is behind you?

Join our webinar to learn more about our new executive course on Creating Value with Customer and Market Analytics. This course teaches you (without lots of math and statistics) how to understand and employ analytics to improve your business results.


To those reading analytic reports and making business decisions:

  • Executives in leadership positions who want to understand how analytics could be used to improve business performance rather than blindly trust outputs feed by others
  • For business development professionals and management consultants who need to understand how analytics can create value for their clients

To those who do analytics:

  • For product, brand and marketing managers who need to understand how to better leverage data and run analytic models in intuitive, simple way
  • Professionals who already have background in analytics or computer science, but whose roles and projects are becoming increasingly strategic, so they need to develop further strategic skills to bridge the gap between analytics and business strategy.

Join the webinar to hear from Associate Professor Matilda Dorotic about the skills she aims to teach you. You will have the opportunity to chat directly to Matilda and ask questions about the course.