Record number of master students want BI Internship

15 February 2019

First-year master's students had a deadline of Friday 01 February to submit applications to BI Internship, to have an internship as an elective subject. The 295 applicants nearly doubled the number of applications from last year.

Company Fair was held in January, where 195 students and 28 companies participated. The fair offered information about internship as an elective course and provided an opportunity for the two groups to get to know each other – an event that garnered positive feedback in retrospect.

Significant changes were made to this year's enrolment requirements for the BI Internship Master elective course, which now allows even more students to experience learning and work experience at companies and organizations. One of the most significant changes was raising the ceiling for how many students will be offered a place on the course. The students can now apply to a business or organization of their choosing – as long as the enterprise has been quality assured by the BI Internship Team.

Even though we made it easier to enrol, we also set even clearer standards for what is expected of students during the internship. A good relationship between academic staff and the BI Internship Team led to new learning contracts that set demands on students and companies.

The next step for students is to attend a mandatory Employability Course under the auspices of Student Counselling. The focus here is to help students become more aware of their competences so they are clearly able to communicate what they can offer an internship through BI Internship. The objective of the course is to help students get the best possible start when they begin to contact companies.

BI Internship began as an elective course for our bachelor's students in Oslo in 2011, and has since spread as an offer at all the BI campuses and expanded to master's students. After BI expanded its portfolio with 5 new bachelor's and master's programmes, this will also undoubtedly lead to an even greater demand at BI Internship as an elective. 

By mid-May we will know how many master's students receive a final offer from BI Internship as an elective.

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