Agreement signed for the BI-Luiss joint MSc in Marketing

8 November 2019

The joint programme with Luiss is a further development of the Double degree programme in Marketing established in 2016. The programme is a single cohort programme.

The contents of the programme goes right into the heart of the BI Strategy and focuses on Marketing in a digital and sustainable context. By its nature, the programme is international with one year in Oslo, one year in Rome, elective study trips to other countries and an international group of students.

New agreement.jpg

BI Provost Samuelsen and Luiss Rektor Principe emphasized that this first joint master programme was an important step in a new direction for both institutions. Programme directors Peter Jarnebrant from BI and Simona Romani from Luiss explained how the programme combines the best of both worlds both culturally and academically. And finally the joint programme project managers Feite van Dijk at BI and Sergio Rios Perez at Luiss attested to how the BI-Luiss programme energized and internationalized the administrative staff involved: marketing & recruitment, admissions and programme and student administration.

During a ceremony at Luiss University in Rome the official agreement regarding the BI-Luiss joint MSc in Marketing was signed. Provost Bendik Samuelsen signed the agreement on behalf of BI; from the Luiss side the signatories were Rector Andrea Principe and General manager Gianni lo Storto

The first cohort of the programme is expected at BI in the autumn of 2020 More information about the programme is available at: https://www.bi.edu/programmes-and-individual-courses/master-programmes/biluiss-masters-in-marketing/


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