Readmission plan

In this form you can order a readmission plan that will give you an overview of courses you must take to complete your studies.

Students at BI have a completion time of two or four semesters (cf. BI's Academic Regulations Section 3-6 (1).

After the deadline for completion of a programme of study, graduates who want to complete the programme must apply for readmission to required individual courses or the whole programme. Based on applicable regulations and programme descriptions BI Norwegian Business School will then assess whether examinations previously taken may form part of the degree/title. (...) cf. Section 3-6 (3).

In this form you can order a readmission plan. A study consultant will evaluate your previous courses against the current study model, and the requirements that now exist. You will be sent a readmission plan, which will give you an overview of courses you must take to complete your studies. We see that students in readmission often have to take more courses than they originally had left to complete. This depends on which study model you went for and which subject combinations you had. Note that not all studies can be completed, if this applies to your study you will receive information about this.

In re-admission, you pay a semester-based re-entry fee, in addition to the exam fee for the courses you sign up for.


When do you want to start your studies?*

NB! Not all studies and courses are conducted via Online Studies, and you may therefore be required to take courses that only have teaching on campus.

Important information:

  • The processing time varies depending on the study and the original year of study. Normal processing time is 3 weeks.
  • Ordering a readmission plan is not a binding course registration. Based on this order, you will receive information on how you can complete your studies. After this, you must submit a contract to register for the course. You will receive a contract by e-mail, together with the readmission plan.
  • For courses with work requirements and/or process evaluation, the contract, which is submitted according to the readmission plan received, must be submitted by 1 September for the autumn semester and 1 February for the spring semester. For other courses, the same form must be submitted by 1 October for the autumn semester and 1 March for the spring semester.