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Analytics for Strategic Management

This master programme aims to create professionals who can bridge the gap between decision-makers and data scientists.

Why Analytics for Strategic Management?

Business digitalization is changing the content and process of strategic analysis. While classical “big picture” analysis skills remain relevant, more executives now need to understand advanced forms of data analytics to articulate and evaluate strategies.

While data science and analytics professionals typically come from either computer science or statistics, and have years of technical training, strategic decision-makers are typically trained and experienced in business management. As strategy-making grows increasingly dependent on analytics, organizational capacity to bridge the distance between decision-makers and data scientists becomes essential.

Analytics for Strategic Management aims to create professionals who can bridge this gap, and become sophisticated data consumers. Through lectures, workshops and real-world cases, you will learn analytics’ foundational concepts and how to apply those to strategic management.


  • Competitive Advantage through Data
  • Analytics Concepts and Processes for Strategic Management
  • Implementing Analytics for Strategic Management
  • Summarizing Data driven recommendations
  • Workshop on Implementing Analytics

"This course is aimed at managers who want to become sophisticated consumers of analytics. The idea is to learn just enough analytics that you know what to ask for and where the pressure points are. The participants will learn from cases, discussions, live examples and assignments."

Espen Andersen

Associate Professor, Department of Strategy

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Espen Andersen

Espen Andersen is an Associate Professor in the Departement of Strategy.


Alessandra Luzzi

Alessandra Luzzi is an Associate Professor in the Departement of Strategy.


John Chandler Johnson

John Chandler Johnson is an Associate Professor in the Departement of Strategy.

Practical information

Start date

Oslo: 21 February


Oslo spring/fall 2017
Module 1: 21 - 24 February
Module 2: 02 - 05 May
Module 3: 06 - 09 June
Module 4: 26 - 29 September
Module 5: 24 - 27 October

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