Master of Management programme

Global Strategy and Entrepreneurship

In a world full of global uncertainty, we provide you with the tools and skills to navigate the increasingly complex global business context. We focus on how to engage in international business operations, think entrepreneurially, and leverage expertise within and outside your organization.


The global business community is experiencing turbulence and high levels of uncertainty. The importance of global and entrepreneurial thinking has never been more important to navigate the complex business landscape. In this course, we help you critically assess your organisation and environment before making important business decisions. Which international strategy is most suitable for you? Will internationalization lead to greater risk and uncertainty? How to become entrepreneurial in a global context? How to develop innovative organisations? And, how can you finance entrepreneurial activities?

This course provides a rich overview of the strategic challenges facing global entrepreneurial organisations, including the tools available to assess the situation and make sound business decisions both in stable markets and contexts of high uncertainty.

In this course we mix digital content with five three-day in-class modules in Oslo. We invite guest speakers with extensive global business experience. The in-class sessions are highly interactive with discussions, a focus on practical applications, and a dialogue with corporations and international new ventures. Our last module in Oslo includes joint sessions with MBA students from Fudan University in Shanghai. 


  • Business decisions in highly uncertain global contexts
  • How entrepreneurs take risks when global uncertainty is high
  • Organizing international activities
  • Building global competitiveness
  • Knowledge-transfer across borders
  • Creating value from corporate innovation
  • How to use open innovation

All classes will be conducted in English, (the term paper may be written in Norwegian).


This programme is suited for business professionals or future entrepreneurs who are focused on developing global entrepreneurial organisations, as well as those interested in developing entrepreneurial organisational cultures in established corporations.

"Firms need to think globally from the get-go! Our course offers a range of tools and frameworks to grow your organisation successfully in a global context."

Birgitte Grøgaard

Professor, Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Practical information


Birgitte Grøgaard conducts research on topics related to multinational enterprises, such as market entry strategies and headquarter-subsidiary relations. She also has experience from the oil and gas industry, as well as management consulting.  


Oslo: Fall 2023/Spring 2024
Module 1: 16.10 - 18.10
Module 2: 27.11 - 29.11
Module 3: 29.01 - 31.01 2024
Module 4: week 12 tentatively (Calgary)
Module 5: 24.04 - 26.04

We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.

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