Department of Economics



Spring 2022

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title
09.03.2022 12:00-13:15  Torben Heien Nielsen University of Copenhagen Causal Effects of Early Career Sorting on Labor and Marriage Market Choices: A Foundation for Gender Disparities and Norms.
14.03.2022 12:00-13:15  Jeffrey Wooldridge Michigan State University Two-Way Fixed Effects, the Two-Way Mundlak Regression, and Difference-in-Differences Estimators.
23.03.2022 12:00-13:15  Ivan Ivanov Federal Reserve Fighting Failure: The Persistent Real Effects of Resolving Distressed Banks”  
30.03.2022 12:00-13:15  Rustam Jamilov University of Oxford The Spending Effects of Dividend Tax News Shocks
06.04.2022 12:00-13:15 Øyvind Aas Kristiania University College Zigzags on The Road to The Top: Matching with Leadership Spillovers in College Football
13.04.2022 EASTER BREAK      
20.04.2022 12:00-13:15  Kurt Mitman IIES Why does capital flow from equal to unequal countries
27.04.2022 12:00-13:15  Gustavo De Souza IIES/Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago The Labor Market Consequences of Appropriate Technology
04.05.2022 12:00-13:15  Jose Pablo Vasquez London School of Economics Trade with Nominal Rigidities: Understanding the Unemployment and Welfare Effects of the China Shock
11.05.2022 12:00-13:15  Frederic Warzynski Aarhus University Heterogeneous Globalization: Offshoring and Reorganization
18.05.2022 12:00-13:15  Denis Gorea Danmarks Nationalbank Why Are Returns to Private Business Wealth So Dispersed?
25.05.2022 12:00-13:15  Yoko Okuyama Uppsala University Electoral institutions, women's representation, and policy outcomes
01.06.2022 12:00-13:15  Christopher Roth University of Cologne Narratives about the Macroeconomy
15.06.2022 12:00-13:15  Rasmus Lentz University of Wisconsin - Madison The Anatomy of Sorting – Evidence from Danish Data

Fall 2022

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title
24/08/2022 12:00-13:15  Yoosoon Chang Indiana university The Effects of economic Shocks on Heterogeneous Inflation Expectations
31/08/2022 12:00-13:15  Andreas Fuster Swiss Finance Institute A Diverse Fed Can Reach Underrepresented Groups
7/09/2022 12:00-13:15 Kenichi Shimizu Glasgow Semiparametric Bayesian Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models
14/09/2022 12:00-13:15  Emil Temnyalov UCT Sydney Organizational structure and differential treatment
21/09/2022 12:00-13:15  Etienne Lehmann Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas, CRED (TEPP) How to Tax Different Incomes?
28/09/2022 12:00-13:15 David schonholzer IIES School Capital Expenditure Rules, Student Outcomes, and Real Estate Capitalization (joint work with Barbara Biasi and Julien Lafortune)
05/10/2022 Fall break - - -
12/10/2022 12:00-13:15 Thomas Tangerås  IFN Incentives for network owners to restrict trade in an international electricity market
19/10/2022 12:00-13:15  Anastasia Girshina Stockholm School of Economics Why Women Earn Lower Real Estate Returns
26/10/2022 12:00-13:15  Clara Martínez-Toledano Imperial college business school House Price Cycles, Wealth Inequality and Portfolio Reshuffling
28/10/2022 12:00-13:15  Abel Brodeur University of Ottawa Unpacking P-Hacking and Publication Bias
2/11/2022 12:00-13:15  Neelam Jain City University London Estimating Cost Functions in Differentiated Product Oligopoly Models without Instrument
16/11/2022 12:00-13:15  Silvia Sarpietro University of Bologna Individual Forecast Weighting
30/11/2022 12:00-13:15  Axelle Ferriere Paris School of Economics On the Optimal Design of Transfers and Income-Tax Progressivity
7/12/2022 12:00-13:15  Matthias Doepke Northwestern/LSE Why Didn't the College Premium Rise Everywhere? Employment Protection and On-the-Job Investment in Skills