Skills for Success in Data and Experience Management

This webinar will highlight new strategic challenges and solutions that shape competitive advantage in data and experience management.

  • Starts:14:00, 2 June 2021
  • Ends:15:00, 2 June 2021
  • Location:Online (Zoom)
  • Enrolment deadline:02.06.2021 14:10

With the vast amount of new data and rapidly changing competitive landscape, practitioners are facing critical need to develop new strategies and skills to compete successfully. This webinar offers three inspirational talks on the forces shaping the future competitive advantages:

  • What are the implications of moving into the emotional economy? Prof. Anders Gustafsson will talk about and examplify an economy in which firms not only compete on creating functional value, but rely more on the emotional components. One of the key success factors is a better management of customer experiences, which implies that we need a better understanding of customer journeys and various qualities that help build good experiences. 
  • What are the ways in which data analytics challenge how traditional strategic business decisions are made? Associate Prof. Matilda Dorotic will adresse this topic and if we can replace the need for conducting customer/client surveys with social media data, how data analytics changes standard ways in which we evaluate who our best prospects are, and how privacy and GDPR challenges standard managerial practices.   
  • Key digital transformations and how will they affect the digital customer experience? Associate Prof. Carlos Velasco will discuss mixed reality, IoT, and AI-power technologies’ applications, along with reflections on the ethical implications of these new developments and our responsibility in them.