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The purpose of Simula@BI is to facilitate collaboration on research and teaching in data science between BI Norwegian Business School and Simula Research Laboratory.

  • Thursday, 16 September 2021 - BI

    BI hires head of department for data science

    Professor Francesco Ravazzolo will lead new initiative on data-driven discovery and innovation.

  • Saturday, 20 June 2020 - BI

    BI and Simula partner to shape the future of data science

    BI Norwegian Business school and Simula Research Laboratory have signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen their expertise on data science through collaboration related to research and…

What is Simula@BI?

Simula@BI is a research center that focuses on applied and fundamental research in data science, with focus on applications in the intersection between business and data science. The center is a collaboration between Simula and BI, and aims to facilitate collaboration in the extended Norwegian data science community. 

Erlend Aune is the head of the research center. Johannes Langguth from Simula is engaged as an adjunct researcher at BI Norwegian Business School. We will engage other researchers in 2021.

Erlend Aune

Associate Professor Department of Data Science and Analytics


Siri Johnsen

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