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The purpose of Simula@BI is to facilitate collaboration on research and teaching in data science between BI Norwegian Business School and Simula Research Laboratory.


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About the Simula@BI Research Seminars

The research seminars in data science consists of talks on fundamental and applied research within statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. When the event is visible in the list above, please click to register. The registration opens  about 1 week before the event. In the table below you can see an overview of upcoming seminars this semester.

If you would like to suggest a speaker, contact Assistant Professor Silvia Lavagnini

Practical questions: contact Siri Johnsen for information: Siri Johnsen

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Simula@BI Research Seminars Spring 2024

Date Time Title Speaker Institution
23 Jan 12:00-13:00 "Testing Bayesian-Nash Behaviour in Binary Games with Incomplete Information and Correlated Types"(Econometrics) Elia Lapenta Center for research in economics and statistics
6 Feb 12:00-13:00 Cointegration with Occasionally Binding Constraints (Econometrics) James Duffy Oxford University
27 Feb 12:00-13:00 "Optimal support for distressed subsidiaries - a systemic risk perspective." (Data Science) Nils Detering Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
12 Mar 12:00-13:00 "How to Bet on Winners" (Econometrics) André B.M. Souza ESADE Business School, Barcelona
19 Mar 12:00-13:00 "Signature methods for stochastic portfolio theory" (Data Science/Machine learning)
Christa Chuchiero
University of Vienna
9 Apr 12:00-13:00 TBA (Econometrics) Juan Carlos Escanciano Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
22 Apr (Monday!)  12:00-13:00 TBA (Econometrics) Geert Mesters Universitat Pompeu Fabra
23 Apr 12:00-13:00 TBA (Machine learning) Luigi Gifuni University of Strathclyde