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BI Case

BI Case provides students with an opportunity to work multidisciplinary with subjects taught at BI. Case solving improves the students’ skills in areas such as presentation technique, team work, analysis, time management and out of the box thinking.

The students get a chance to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and develop their problem-solving skills. Case training and case competitions offer an opportunity to learn in high pressure situations involving real-world scenarios.

The case teams learn from each other, both within and across the teams. Engaging in case competitions is a great way to for the students to expand their network, both nationally and internationally.

About the case teams
A case team typically consists of four bachelor students. The teams solve a business case within a given time frame and present their solutions to a panel of judges. The presentation is followed by a Q&A session.

At BI we offer a range of case activities for enrolled members in the case teams. All BI’s case activities are held in English.

Join BI’s case activities
To get involved in BI’s organised training programme and BI’s own case competitions, please send an e-mail to