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BI Case gives students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice by solving real business challenges for Norwegian and international companies. Through case activities, students acquire skills that make them better equipped to cope with academic life, recruitment situations and working life.

Case students become better at converting theory into practice, working in teams, using knowledge across disciplines to solve problems, working under time constraints, presenting in front of an audience and gaining insight into and contact with Norwegian and international businesses.

Close cooperation with business partners

BI works closely with selected business partners in connection with national and international case activities. We offer weekly case trainings where students are given the opportunity to practice with their fellow students under the expert guidance of BI's academic staff and case alumni. In addition, we hold three national case competitions in which student teams from all BI's campuses participate. We also host an international case competition, BI International Case Competition, where 12 teams from reputable international schools meet at BI's campus in Oslo.

Cases are written in collaboration between BI and strategic partners from the business community for our case competitions. The cases highlight relevant challenges that companies face. At the launch of the case, a key representative from the company presents the case to the students before they begin to solve. Representatives from the partner companies also sit on the jury during the case competitions and they participate in social events in connection with the competitions.

We also have good contact and cooperation with our case alumni, who are now in relevant positions within the business world. Our alumni contribute during case training, give guest lectures, are jurors and invite case students to visit their companies.

About the case teams

A case team typically consists of four bachelor students. The teams solve a business case within a given time frame and present their solutions to a panel of judges. The presentation is followed by a Q&A session.

The case teams learn from each other, both within and across the teams. Engaging in case competitions is a great way for the students to expand their network, both nationally and internationally.

At BI we offer a range of case activities for enrolled members in the case teams. All BI’s case activities are held in English.

Join BI’s case activities

All applicable students who are interested in joining BI Case Teams must apply before the deadline. In addition to filling out the online application form, students must submit a motivational letter.

Why join BI Case?

Are you a business representative and interested in becoming a strategic partner of BI International Case Competition? Check out our BIICC tab and send us an e-mail: biicc@bi.no

Are you from another educational institution and would like to express your interest in attending BI International Case Competition? Check out our BIICC tab and send us an e-mail: biicc@bi.no.

Testimonials from previous case team members

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