«Supply Chains and Sustainable Development of Societies»


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  • …but is it trustworthy?

    The researcher’s role in a time of fake news and disavowal of scientific knowledge

    The main theme of Nofoma 2019 is “Supply Chains and Sustainability of Societies”. Contributing to society requires that researchers not only produce knowledge that potentially will change peoples’ daily lives but also convince and educate a rather heterogeneous audience.

    Mass media today, in addition to reporting “real” news, steadily report lies, fake news, hoaxes, conspiracies, and funny cats.

    In such a plethora of information, how can you as an upcoming researcher succeed in reaching out with your important research results?

    You will find the complete Nordlog her.

  • Coffee and welcome

    Assoc. professor Tore Listou, NODUC

  • Session 1

  • Why is it so hard to convince the deniers of knowledge?

    Lieutenant Colonel Tormod Heier (PhD), NODUC

  • Who’s epistemology matter? Your worldview vs. the worldviews of your audiences


  • Coffee break

  • The role of philosophy of science in counterfeiting distrust in scientific knowledge

    Student group work

  • Lunch

  • Plenary discussion: philosophy of science and trustworthiness


  • Session 2

  • How to approach non-researchers with your research

    Therese Klingstedt, senior advisor research communication, NODUC

  • Coffee break

  • What do journal editors do to promote “true” knowledge?

    Benjamin Hazen, editor IJPDLM

  • How to make sure your research questions and findings are understood and accepted both within and outside your key audience

    Student group work

  • Plenary discussion: how to make an impact with your research


  • Concluding remarks; your responsibility to do and to promote trustworthy logistics research

    Tore Listou