Department of Economics



Autumn 2015

Date Time  Speaker  Affiliation Title 
19.08  12:00  Steven Ongena University of Zurich Household Inequality Dynamic & Corporate Financing
02.09  12:00  Yikai Wang University of Oslo Will China Escape the Middle Income Trap?
09.09  12:00 Michael Reiten Institute of Advanced Studies, Vienna Housing and the Redistributive Effects of Monetary Policy
16.09  12:00 Jean-Michael Zakoian CREST Estimating multivariate GARCH and Stochastic Correlation models equation by equation
23.09  12:00 Andreas Müller UiO  Sovereign Debt and Structural reforms
30.09 FALL BREAK   
07.10  12:30 Mike West Duke University  Dynamic Sparsity Modelling
14.10  12:00 David Myatt London Business School Positioning the party to get out the Vote: Policy choice and election performance with costly Turnout.
21.10  12:00 Klaus Adam Mannheim University Can a Financial Transaction Tax Prevent Stock Price Booms?
28.10  12:00 Michael Becher University of Konstanz Dissolution Power and Policy Change: A Model of Veto Bargaining with Evidence from OECD Countries.
04.11  12:00 Pierre-Olivier Weill  UCLA A tractable Model of Monetary Exchange with Ex-Post Heterogeneity.
11.11  12:00 David Hendry Nuffield College/ Oxford Statistical model selection with "Big Data". 
18.11  12:00  Keith Kuester University of Bonn Doves for the Rich, Hawks for the Poor ? Distributional Consequences for Monetary Policy
25.11  12:00 Oscar Jorda UC Davis The Great Mortgaging:Housing Finance, Crises and Business Cycles
02.12  12:00 Jacopo Bizotto UiO Timing Persuasion
09.12  12:00 Topi Miettinen  Hanken School of Economics  Unconscious influence on generosity and performance
16.12  12:00 Mehdi Hamidi Sahneh Universidas Carlos III Are the shocks obtained from SVAR fundamental?

Spring 2015

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title
14.01 12.00-13.15 Lars Kirkebøen Statistics Norway Field of Study, Earnings, and Self-Selection
21.01 12.00-13.15 Gerard Padro i Miquel LSE Corruption, Intimidation, and Whistleblowing: A Theory of Inference from Unverifiable Reports
28.01 12.00-13.15 Janne Tukiainen VATT Helsinki Public Employees as Politicians: Evidence from Close Elections
11.02 12.00-13.15 Peter Fredriksson Stockholm University Mismatch of Talent? Evidence on Match Quality, Job Mobility, and Entry Wages
25.02 12.00-13.15 Andrea Tesei Queen Mary University  Liberation Technology: Mobile Phones and Political Mobilization in Africa
11.03* 12.00-13.15 Gianluca Benigno LSE Stagnation Traps
18.03 12.00-13.15 Stefanie Stantcheva Harvard Society of Fellows Optimal Taxation and Human capital policies over the Life Cycle
25.03 12.00-13.15 Bent Nielsen Oxford University Causal transmission in reduced-form models
15.04 12.00-13.15 Gunnar Bårdsen NTNU Frequentist Evaluation of Small DSGE Models
22.04 12.00-13.15 Yves Zenou Stockholm University R&D Networks: Theory, Empirics and Policy Implications
29.04 12.00-13.15 Adam Szeidl CEU Political Favoritism in Procurement: Evidence from Hungary
13.05 12.00-13.15 Rachel Ngai LSE Moving House
18.05 10.30-11.30 Jennifer La'O Columbia University Optimal Monetary Policy with Informational Frictions
20.05 12.00-13.15 Roland Hodler University of St. Gallen Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China’s Foreign Assistance
27.May 12.00-13.15 Kris De Jaegher Utrecht University Supplier-induced demand as strategic framing
17.Jun 12.00-13.15 Ed Glaeser Harvard University TBA
24.Jun 12.00-13.15 Kaji Chen - TBA